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Nov 3, 2013 11:00am EST and leave a comment yourself. issue two, cyber warriors unite. >> it's invaluable to us to know where countries are coming from, what their policies are, how that would impact us across a whole range of issues. so, it isn't just leaders themselves, it's what goes on around them and the policies that they convey to their governments. >> james is the director of national intelligence. aka, the u.s. ace spy men. he confirmed this week to a house committee, the u.s. does in fact spy on foes. and friends alike. director believes that such spying 101 should be obvious to all. >> some of this reminds me a lot of the classic movie, casablanca. there's gambling going on here. it's the same thing. >> i'm shocked to find gambling is going on in here. >> thank you very much. >> well, not everyone agrees that espionage is expected. like some of our allies that we spy on, europe reacted officially with visible irritation to report that 35 foreign leaders were being monitored by the u.s. including german chancellor,, now viewed as the most powerful woman in the world. madame merkel was furious
Nov 24, 2013 3:30pm PST
figure. i think what seared the soul of america for all of us watching the horrible way he die and the race to the hospital and taking the casket to washington dc and then the whole funeral and the shooting of oswald on that sunday, and what it did, i think, is that impressed upon us what kennedy was. there would not have been a camelot had there not been dallas. but after that, if you want to separate out the record of the man and the president, i think that's a different thing and that has moved somewhat away from what we all recall and remembered. but you can't see those films even begin 50 years later without stirring up the same kinds of emotions you felt that terrible weekend. >> we also have to remember vietnam's role in his presidency. remember that? >> secretary of defense, and he basically got more notoriety during lyndon johnson's term in the office. while president was the president, he upped the number of advisers to vietnam, he sent no combat troops. >> mismanaged vietnam. >> mismanaged? i don't know about that. i don't know if you have any evidence to say that. >
Nov 24, 2013 6:30am EST
figure. what sered the soul of america was us watching the horrible way he died. the race to the hospital. taken in the casket to washington, d.c. the whole funeral and shooting of oswald on that sunday. that impressed upon us what kennedy was. there would not have been a camelot had there not been dallas. after that, if you want to separate out the record of the man and the president, that's a different thing. that's moved away from what we are all calling memory. you can't see the films 50 years later without stirring up the emotions you felt. >> terrible weekend. >> secretary of defense. he got more notoriety during johnson's term in office. kennedy's presidency upped the number of advisors and did not send combat troops. >> mismanagement. >> i don't know that you have any evidence to say that. >> he was aware of that. i don't know if he is in that. the kennedy presidency, however short it was was more than vietnam. he walked us back from the brink of nuclear war. he inspired young people to public service and elevated the feelings about what government could do, at the same time, the
Nov 2, 2013 12:30pm PDT
the unrependant subelias. >> a lot of us on this panel that are hearing from angry and confused constituents. : question, if the president's promises were subject to the trade commission, truth in advertising standards, would president obama be guilt of deceptive practices? pat buchanan. >> outlawed the bait and switch, john, that's what this is. before this week, the problem for obama, this was a met metaphor, this is more serious. it goes directly to the credibility of the president of the united states and his integrity. deceive the american people as to what was the truth they were going to keep their plans and not only hundreds and thousands, but millions are losing their plans and being forced to buy new plans. this hurts the president deeply and personally in a place he's never been hurt before. >> eleanor. >> the administration is on the defensive clearly and the crickets want it to be about the president's credibility that he is lying, that he knew all along. but there are some facts you have to engage with here. when the president made those statements, they grandfathered in all
Nov 10, 2013 3:30pm PST
] >> okay. you are all correct. watch us on the web at any time . >> 156 million americans get their health insurance from their employer's health care plan in 2013 and the budget office estimated because of the failure to keep the promise on the white house website that 78 million americans will not be able to keep their plans as promised. isn't that true? >> i don't know any idea what that statistic is. >> kathleen sebelius, the cabinet secretary of health and human services stood her ground. kathleen sebelius testified where chiros grilled about the promise -- where she was grilled about the promise president obama made americans who like their insurance can keep it. >> if you like your plan, keep your plan. >> he pressed kathleen sebelius to say whether the president's promise still listed on the white house website is still true or is it false? kathleen sebelius insisted the president's promise is true for those whose plans qualify. but he artfully dodged the point that 78 million that do not qualify under the obama care law will lose their insurance next year. the report contradicts t
Nov 17, 2013 3:30pm PST
. survivors scavenge for food, shelter, water. the u.s. dispatched naval and aircraft vessels, including the george washington aircraft carrier. as well as pledging $20 million in aid. the uk, $22 million plus naval ships. the european commission $17 million. japan and australia, $10 million each. japan is also sending 1,000 troops to the scene and what is likely tokyo's biggest post world war ii deployment. south korea and canada $5 million em. indonesia $2 million. mexico $1 million. lesser cash rich nations are sending relief supplies. but there was one notable exception in this international outpouring. china. a neighbor to the philippines and the world's second largest economy. china initially pledged only $100,000 in relief. plus another $100,000 to its red cross. the donation reflected china's soured relations with the philippines. the two have been over disputes where asian nations are vying to explore for energy. china's typhoon donation in the philippines was also noted within china. by even its own global times newspaper quote, china has a responsible power should participate
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)